Strong Women

Strong Women

Directors, actresses, and remarkably written characters. Work of dedicated female creators and performers. From young woman trying to find her purpose, through chilling story of a mysterious entity possesing a mind of a vulnerable mother, to allegorical view of the first sin.  This collection of notable creations brings you stories depicting numerous fates of women. 

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Protector (Protektor)

CZE 2009 | 100 min | romance/drama/war| DIRECTOR: Marek Najbrt | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: N/A

Price: 150 EUR

Little Girl Blue (Tajnosti)

CZE 2007 | 95 min | comedy/drama| DIRECTOR: Alice Nellis | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: English, Spanish

Price: 150 EUR

Daisies (Sedmikrásky)

CZE 1966 | 73 min | slapstick| DIRECTOR: Věra Chytilová | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: English, German

Price: 150 EUR

Marketa Lazarova (Markéta Lazarová)

CZE 1967| 190 min | ballad, historical| DIRECTOR: František Vláčil | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: English, German

Price: 150 EUR

Another Way of Life (O něčem jiném)

CZE 1963 | 81 min | narrative/ psychological| DIRECTOR: Věra Chytilová | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: English

Price: 150 EUR

Indian Summer (Indiánské léto)

CZE 1995| 65 min | comedy/drama| DIRECTOR: Saša Gedeon | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: N/A

Price: 150 EUR

Noonday Witch (Polednice)

CZE 2016 | 85 min | drama/horror | DIRECTOR: Jiří Sádek | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: N/A

Price: 150 EUR

Carriage Going to Vienna (Kočár do Vídně)

CZE 1966 | 76 min | drama/war/ psychological| DIRECTOR: Karel Kachyňa | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: English

Price: 150 EUR

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