Mind & Spirit

If you look around everything was just thought first

The human mind is really fascinating and the soul is surrounded in mystery. Here you find films that open up this eternal topic that people have always been so interested in  - human's mind and spirit. 

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Wrong Side Up (Příběhy obyčejného šílenství)

CZE 2005 | 100 min | comedy| DIRECTOR: Petr Zelenka | LANGUAGE: Czech| SUBTITLES: N/A

Price: 150 EUR

Bufo Alvarius - The Underground Secret (Bufo Alvarius)

CZE 2018 | 78 min | documentary/spiritual | DIRECTOR: Filip Záruba | LANGUAGE: Czech, English| SUBTITLES: English, German, Spanish, Polish

Price: 150 EUR

Year of the Devil (Rok ďábla)

CZE 2002 | 108 min | comedy | DIRECTOR: Petr Zelenka | LANGUAGE: Czech | SUBTITLES: N/A

Price: 150 EUR

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